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Renters Insurance

Many people who rent may assume that a landlord’s insurance will cover their personal losses should their rental property fall victim to a fire, theft, explosion, or other disaster. Renters are often dismayed to learn that landlords insure only their own structures, not the belongings of their tenants.

As a result, renters without insurance may be carrying more risk than they realize. Renters insurance typically covers loss or damage due to theft, vandalism, smoke, fire, explosion, windstorm, lightning, and faulty indoor plumbing. Categories of coverage usually include personal property, improvements, loss of use, and, importantly, personal liability.

Be aware that renters insurance may have certain exclusions, such as damage resulting from floods or earthquakes, and limits on the amounts of coverage for expensive items, such as silver and jewelry. For more information on your specific policy needs, please give us a call.


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