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The best program is the one that provides just the right coverages for your situation, at the right cost. For example, what are the right coverage amounts for property loss or damage? For personal liability coverage? Should you buy substitute transportation coverage? What’s the right deductible choice? Do you need Underinsured Motorist protection?

The companies we represent now set their own rates for auto insurance and compete on price, coverages, and special benefits. The state insurance commissioner has labeled the change “managed competition.”


Coverages, Discounts, and Benefits

The major development in Massachusetts Auto Insurance is the availability of policy benefits insurers could not offer prior to “managed competition.”

These new benefits include special coverages, credits, discounts, and services for drivers who qualify.

For example, experienced drivers with good driving records do well. And so do those who take advantage of account discounts by buying both their Auto and Home Insurance through the same agency or company.

Special Considerations

What is an “Account Discount” and How Do I Qualify for One?

If you have both your Auto and your Homeowners Insurance with us, you may be eligible for a discount of up to 20% on your premiums.

Safe Driver Credit

You can save money if you and any other drivers covered under your policy have not had an at-fault accident or moving violation for the past 6 years.

Driver Away at School

All household members need to be listed as operators of family vehicles. While students are away at school, they may be excluded as operators. A signed exclusion form needs to be filed.

This saves premium dollars for the parents. But they must remember to call us and add back student operators during holiday breaks, spring break, summer, etc.

Senior Driver Credit

Seniors (over the age of 65) save 25%. The discount is the result of several factors that relate to the age group: less exposure to the pressures of rush-hour commuter traffic; more conservative lifestyles; less driving time, mileage, and so forth.

Selection of Appropriate Deductible Amount

When a claim occurs, you are required to pay the first portion of the cost to repair or replace the insured property.

This fixed amount is the deductible you selected. The insurance company pays the remainder of the claim. Deductibles are used as a method to stretch your insurance dollars.

The greater the deductible amount you agree to pay for each claim, the lower your insurance premium. And this can sometimes add up to significant savings.

However, you must decide how much of any claim you are willing and able to pay before choosing a deductible. We’d be glad to help you re-assess the deductibles you’ve chosen to see if they match your current needs.

New Youthful Driver in the Family

According to Massachusetts law, a newly licensed driver cannot transport anyone under 18 years of age. However, there is an exception for members of the driver’s immediate family.

(NOTE: Teenagers driving with learner’s permits do not need to be added as listed operators on your insurance policy until they pass their licensing exam.)

Anti-Theft and Safety Device Credits

If your vehicle is equipped with safety devices such as airbags or passive restraint seatbelts, you earn additional savings on your auto insurance.

Public Transportation Credit

You also may save money on your car insurance if you take the train or subway to work.

Others Discounts and Considerations:

Additional Coverage for In-car Devices (phone, computer, GPS, etc.)

Motor Club Membership Discount

Advanced Driver Training Discount

Disappearing Collision Deductible

Accident Forgiveness

Good Student Discount

SBLI Policyholder Discount

In-car devices (phone, computer, GPS, etc.)

Motor Club Membership Discount

Advanced Driver Training Discount

Disappearing Collision Deductible

Accident Forgiveness

Good Student Discount

SBLI Policyholder Discount

We’ll review these and other special considerations with you. We will also recommend the best insurance carrier for your needs.

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