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Umbrella insurance acts as a hedge against large liability claims against the policyholder, usually involving litigation.

Umbrella insurance provides an extra layer of protection that goes beyond the limits of normal policy coverage for your home, car, and boat. It can also cover an individual policyholder for any claims against him or her, such as false arrest, slander, libel, or legal action from renters . It is designed to come into effect when the liability of your existing insurance policy is exhausted, and can provide significant protection for your financial assets.

Umbrella insurance is very useful for anyone who has assets (a home, for example) or earns a living (your future earnings may be attached by a court if you are found responsible for someone else’s damages).

It is particularly important for those who own rent out to tenants on a small scale (larger scale rental operations will be considered a business, and business umbrella insurance is available to cover that). It provides the landlord protection from such legal actions as claims from a fall, a dog bite, or an injury while one is visiting a unit in the rental property.

This type of coverage is designed to be used as an additional level of coverage beyond a standard policy that will respond to the claim (home, auto, or boat, for example). In other words, it is part of an overall program designed to protect a policyholder from potentially enormous out-of-pocket costs.

Coverage amounts are generally available in amounts starting at 1 million dollars. However, there are higher limits available for those who require added protection. The benefits of this coverage include asset protection, a priceless peace of mind, and a relatively low cost for coverage.



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