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Recreational vehicle coverage, often referred to as “motor home insurance,” protects those who own an RV (recreational vehicle) and provides assistance to the insured for any accidents or other covered events that cause partial or complete damage to the covered RV. Whether it be a natural event or a human action, coverage can go into effect and help tremendously. With proper coverage, your RV can be repaired or replaced, getting you back on the highway in no time.

This kind of insurance is applicable to all who own a conventional motor home, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), or other recreational vehicles. To legally operate such vehicles, those who are itching to head out on the open road or who simply want to have some fun at a local mud patch must purchase this type of insurance coverage. Towable RVs may also be covered, such as trailer campers, pop-up tent trailers, etc. In order for an RV owner to get paid after a claim is filed, he or she needs to have paid the monthly premiums consistently and regularly. After the claim is filed an investigation will most likely be initiated by the insurance company to ascertain to estimate the costs of the repair or replacement.

Those who choose to live in their RV throughout the year are certainly best suited for liability coverage that is similar to homeowners’ insurance. This protects them in the event of an incident in which a person is injured in the RV. In addition, personal property coverage is available for the further protection of their personal belongings like jewelry and other valuable items. Those who utilize their RV on a seasonal basis should consider what to include in their RV insurance for coverage, even when the RV is sitting idle. What to include in the coverage can vary widely based upon factors such as climate as well as the local risk for vandalism and theft.

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