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All states, except Florida, Montana, and Washington, require motorcyclists to obtain motorcycle liability insurance. This kind of insurance will pay for damages and injuries that a motorcyclist may be at fault for in an accident as well as any legal defense that may be needed for him or her. There are limits set for these payments. Each specific policy has definite amounts in the policy coverage information. Motorcycle insurance is meant for all motorcyclists, even in those states where it is not mandated. The reason for this is simple: Costs associated with a motorcycle accident can quickly add up due to property damage, severe injuries, and legal action.


Types of Coverage

Bodily injury and property damage

This type of coverage pays for any expenses that come from the injuring of others due to an accident. It also pays for any property damage due to the accident.

Personal injury

This is what helps pay for the costs incurred from any personal injuries the rider may have had in the accident. It also can cover him or her for any lost income that results from being injured and unable to work.

Medical coverage

Medical coverage pays for any treatment needed as a result of the accident. It also gives coverage for the medical costs of any passengers involved in the accident.

Comprehensive coverage

This coverage pays for a replacement motorcycle if the policyholder’s bike is stolen or totaled. It also can pay for parts and repairs needed in the aftermath of an accident. It also gives coverage for medical and liability costs to others involved in the accident, if the policyholder is at fault.

It is important to remember that if the costs associated with an accident go beyond policy limits, then the motorcyclist is personally responsible for these extra costs.

Motorcycle Insurance Generally Costs Less Than Auto

Unless riding a sportbike or an expensive cruiser, like a high-end Harley-Davidson, Victory, or Indian motorcycle, the cost of insuring a motorcycle is much less than the cost of a comparable auto insurance policy.

Because sport bikes have a lot of body parts and high-powered motors that are expensive to repair, insuring them is very costly for most people under age 30 and for those with poor driving records. Generally, the younger the rider, the costlier the insurance.

Otherwise, motorcycles, generally cause little damage to other vehicles or property when they are ridden by skilled, experienced, and safe riders. That lessened danger of high accident costs involving most motorcycles means their insurance policies for most riders are very affordable with full coverage available for anywhere from about $100 per year up to about $300 for full coverage insurance and less for liability-only policies.

Which Types of Insurance to Use

Anytime someone rides on the road, full coverage insurance always is the best option with additional uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Uninsured/underinsured provides insurance protection against hit-and-run drivers and those who only have state minimum liability insurance, which easily is surpassed when motorcyclists suffer serious injuries in an accident.

Those who ride off-road will benefit from recreational vehicle insurance, which is available for ATVs, dirt bikes, and other off-road conveyances.

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