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Flood Insurance

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Flood insurance is necessary if you live in a high-risk flood area, but floods can happen anywhere in the US, making this policy beneficial for any home and business. Flood insurance is your first line of defense against water damage caused by either a natural or manmade disaster in your area.

Do You Need Flood Coverage?

Our insurance team has significant experience assisting homeowners living in flood zones. Keep in mind that it can take 30 days for your coverage to become active, so don’t wait for a flood warning to take action – you’ll want to make the call as soon as possible. Contact us today so we can help you get started on protecting your home from flood damage.

Coverage Specifics

Flood insurance covers damage caused by water from a natural or manmade disaster, but this damage must occur on a large scale. In other words, it must affect other property in the area in addition to yours. Much of this coverage is offered through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). You and your insurance agent can work with this program, but you should know that the basic amount of coverage is $250,000 in structural damage and $100,000 in personal property damage. If necessary, you may increase or reduce your coverage.

Flood Policies

If you need more than $350,000 in total coverage, then you can consider an excess flood rider. This rider is for homeowners who have high cost homes or possessions. You also might want to upgrade your coverage if you live near a lake or river that could possibly flood. This coverage will be invaluable in the event of a disaster.


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