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New Option for Homeowners with Coastal Homes

For residents located near the water, Home Insurance options have been limited. For that reason, we are pleased to offer a new home insurance carrier that specializes in providing coverage for coastal homes.

After considerable research and discussions with brokers in other coastal regions, we are pleased to offer home insurance products from Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company.

Universal is one of the largest home insurers in the state of Florida with extensive experience working with coastal home property owners.

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company has a network of nearly 7,000 independent agents, throughout the ten states where it operates.

“We don’t enter into insurer relationships lightly, so I am very pleased to announce the addition of Universal to our large menu of carriers,” said Paul & Dixon President Steve Connulty.

“Because Universal has deep experience helping policyholders in other coastal communities, they will be particularly valuable to our coastal clients by offering another true alternative to the insurer-of-last-resort treatment so many homeowners have faced in recent years,” noted Connulty.

Questions? We Can Help

Do you have questions regarding your home insurance? We can help you review your policy and determine if any changes are needed or provide a comparative quote from our other carriers.

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