Maria M. Branco, CISR - Paul & Dixon Insurance - New Bedford, MA

Maria M. Branco, CISR

I was born in Paris but came to the United States in 1969. I had to learn the English language in the North End of New Bedford Public schools. I’ve met a lot of really nice people and have learned a lot from the wonderful insurance industry – how they think and where they are coming from, as far as underwriting and rates are concerned. I get excited knowing that I have made it easier for someone to understand the product that they are buying and explaining coverages while giving risk advisement.

My favorite thing to do is travel to new places and take in the culture while appreciating the differences that they have to my own culture! My guilty pleasure is to paint large paint-by-number kits as well as read about world history. I also enjoy relaxing at the beach by myself, when no one is around, or playing with my pup, Hunter – he’s very energetic! I have no particular involvement in any volunteer activities, but I rather try to give a helping hand or make someone who seems sad smile in everyday life – it is my own way of contributing towards positive change!

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